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Sichuan Airlines and Airbus ProSky demonstrate new procedures in Xiahe

12 January 2016

To improve safety and efficiency at Xiahe Airport, a remote airport in the Gansu province of China with challenging terrain, Airbus, Airbus ProSky, part of “Services by Airbus,” CAAC and Sichuan Airlines developed “Required Navigation Performance Authorization Required” procedures (RNP AR). The new arrival and departure procedures were successfully demonstrated on November 30, 2015 in a Sichuan Airlines’ A319 aircraft (pictured above).

“We are pleased partner with Airbus ProSky on RNP AR procedures at Xiahe. The stabilized approach and track mile savings will not only enhance safety, but also operational efficiency,” stated Capt. Wang Xinghua, GM Ops Standards of Sichuan Airlines.

“This project is successful in demonstrating the best RNP AR can bring in terms of safety and efficiency. We appreciate Airbus’ excellent support to the industry through Airbus ProSky over the past years to improve operations at challenging airports in China,” commented Mr. Yang Honghai, Deputy Director General of Flight Standard Department of CAAC.

With the new procedures, the airline is able to improve payload by two tons on one runway and four tons on another runway. In addition, minima were reduced from 1810ft to 600ft and from 820ft to 290ft, respectively. The procedures have also resulted in a track mile savings of up to 18.6 nautical miles for one of the approaches.

“PBN procedures are key to enhancing efficiency and safety, particularly in challenging terrain. Working with Sichuan Airlines and CAAC, we will see an improvement of operations at Xiahe,” stated Cunmei Li, Airbus ProSky Regional Director.

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