Snowflake Software

Organisation Overview 

Snowflake Software is a leading provider of solutions and expertise to enable interoperable data exchange of ATM data based on open standards.  Our products and services enable organisations to Load, Manage, Publish, Visualise and Share AIM data models, such as AIXM, WXXM, and FIXM.

We played a leading role in the FAA/EUROCONTROL sponsored Open Geospatial Consortium Open Web Services testbeds.  A proving ground for re-using existing OGC standards with ATM, we have demonstrated that our products and expertise are capable of facilitating the interoperable data excnahge of ATM data.

Based both in the UK and in the USA we are working closely on the Single European Sky programme as a SESAR Associate Partner for Information management and on the FAA NextGen programme.

We are also one of the leading providers of AIM data exchange training focusing on the latest AIM data models.

Membership type: Associate Member
Membership status: Silver
CEO: Mr. Ian Painter
Head office: Alleyn House, 23-27 Carlton Crescent, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2EU United Kingdom
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone number: +44 (0) 23 8023 8232
Fax number: +44 (0) 23 8023 8233

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