Spain’s Indra to develop new UAE ATC system

27 September 2017

The UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority and Spain’s Indra have signed a contract to develop a new air traffic management system for Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre.

The new system will enhance its capabilities to cater for the growth of the air traffic management sector in the country, a statement said.

The Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre provides air traffic control services to more than 2,500 air traffic movements per day.

Officials said the new system will be one of the most advanced in the world.

Once implemented in mid-2020, the system will help to save fuel and create an eco-friendly aviation system in the country through the exchange of flight information from pre-departure phase until the arrival gate at the destination airport, the statement said.

Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, director general of the General Civil Aviation Authority of the UAE, said: “We believe in continuous and sustainable investment in our aviation infrastructure to ensure safety and efficiency which in turn enhances the security and economy of the UAE.”

Alex Moya, general manager of Indra in the UAE, added: “Indra’s technology will provide increased accuracy, enhanced air traffic safety and allow to manage a more cost efficient while environmentally sustainable operation to successfully address today’s and tomorrow’s continued demand of UAE’s airspace.”

The aviation industry contributes more than 14 per cent of the UAE’s gross domestic product, with over 5,200 daily air traffic movements forecast by 2030.

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