State Airports Authority & ANSP (DHMI)

Organisation Overview

DHMI’s vision in the provision of the civil aviation activities is to provide air navigation services and operate aerodromes in order to achieve “the best” at world level, as a safe, high-quality, dynamic, cost-efficient and environment-friendly organization.

DHMI’s mission is to follow up modern aviation technology, be open to new technical and operational developments, carry out short and medium term planning, ensure high quality training of staff and take adequate measures with the aim of providing a better service.

The DHMI is a public-owned enterprise set up to produce and market services of a monopolistic nature, deemed to be privileged services in view of the public service that it renders, the capital for which is entirely paid by the state, and which is associated with the Ministry of Transport.

Towers operated:   36 
Number of ACCs:   2
Employees:   4,822
Total number of ATCOs:   748
Total number of operational ATCOs:   685
Membership type: Full Member
Managing director: Mr. Orhan Birdal
Head office: Konya Yolu Üstü, Etiler 06330 Ankara, Turkey
Country: Turkey
Telephone number: +90 312 204 0000
Fax number: +90 312 220 976
Website :

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