Strategy and Integration Update 2017

Quarter 4, 2017

Membership of the new Strategy and Integration Standing Committee (SISC) has been established, with a very healthy 33 Member representatives from across the globe. The first SISC meeting will be held in November in Amsterdam. In the meantime, a SISC Steering Committee is in the process of being elected. A small Strategy Task Force is already helping to create the new strategic direction for the ATM industry and CANSO in time for discussion at the CEO Strategy Summit in March 2018 and then, hopefully, approval at the CANSO AGM in June. 

The Acquisition Excellence Workgroup continues to progress towards publishing the proposed Acquisition Excellence Manual in March 2018.

The Performance Based Regulation on Remote Towers Task Force has been reinvigorated and its scope has been widened to include digitisation of towers generally rather than just remote towers.

In October, the Global Benchmarking Workgroup (GBWG) met in Vilnius, Lithuania to discuss the content for the CANSO Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report 2017, to be published in December.  This year, the GBWG simplified its data collection worksheet for the report, allowing participating ANSPs to focus and better understand their data and trend as well as easing the process for new participants. Future trial key performance indicators (KPIs), analysing the driving factors of KPIs, and further collaboration with other CANSO workgroups are among the GBWG’s tasks to continuously improve the quality of the report. The GBWG thanked its departing Chair, Paul Cripwell, NAV CANADA, for his invaluable contribution and always positive encouragement to the members.  We welcome Siree Vatanavigkit, AEROTHAI, as the new Chair. 

Thirty five participants representing sixteen ANSPs attended the annual meeting of the Human Resources Workgroup (HRWG) in October, kindly hosted by HungaroControl in Budapest. Presentations and discussions focused on: fatigue management, change management projects, employee engagement, air traffic controller selection tools, standards of excellence for human performance management, pensions, talent acquisition and management. The HRWG is compiling the ATCO Remuneration and HR Metrics Report 2017 based on survey responses submitted by 20 ANSPs.


Quarter 3, 2017 

Following approval at the 21st CANSO Annual General Meeting in Copenhagen in June, a new Strategy and Integration Standing Committee (SISC) has been launched (to replace the Policy Standing Committee). We have convened a small workgroup that will assist with the creation of the CANSO strategic direction, following excellent input from Members during the strategy sessions in Madrid and Copenhagen.

The Acquisition Excellence Workgroup (AEWG) has been continuing to develop material for a CANSO Acquisition Excellence Manual. The Manual will include case studies on topics such as partnerships, stakeholder management, holistic cybersecurity, and models of acquisition. It will also offer practical implementation guides and examples of acquisition models used outside of air navigation services so that Members can gain insight and learning from various industries.

The Performance Based Regulation on Remote Towers Task Force (PBR on RT Task Force) is currently electing a Chair and establishing the overall scope of the task force that will shape how tower digitisation is implemented. If you would like to put forward a nomination, please email 

The present vacancy for the CANSO Strategy and Integration Programme Manager is an ideal opportunity for a secondment for somebody who is strategically minded, has a passion for our industry and is able to coordinate and execute multiple complex plans and deliverables. Look out for more information on this position soon.


Quarter 2, 2017

In April, the chair of the Air Traffic Management Security Workgroup (ASWG) took part in the ICAO Cyber Summit and Exhibition in Dubai, delivering a presentation on information security. This outlined CANSO's approach, the importance of partnerships in implementing effective cyber security strategies and its relevance to the region.

The CANSO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals Implementation Task Force (NITF), under the umbrella of the CANSO Human Resources Workgroup, has continued to support regional ICAO workshops, managing information flow between the ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) and CANSO Members. CANSO has also provided representation for the newly established ICAO Competency Based Training and Assessment Task Force (CBTA-TF).

With representation from CANSO's three key areas of work (safety, operations and regulation) now established, the Performance Based Regulation on Remote Tower Task Force (PBR on RT TF) is starting work on recommendations for the regulation of remote towers. If you have an interest in this, please email for more information.

Quarter 1, 2017

The Policy Standing Committee held a Scenario Planning Exercise with representatives of the three CANSO Standing Committees (Operations, Policy, Safety). The group considered alternative futures in which decisions made today might play out, providing valuable insight and context to support the future strategy for ATM and CANSO.

The ATM Security Workgroup (ASWG) agreed to develop actions to stimulate the growth of a security culture. Given that communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) is potentially exposed to security threats, the Workgroup will act as an observer for all discussions on security concerns related to the radio spectrum and CNS systems in general.

The Next Generation of Aviation Professionals Implementation Task Force (NITF) was represented at the annual ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) Implementation Working Group meeting in December. In line with the outcomes, the NITF will support the implementation of the NGAP ICAO programme and also consider the challenges of the amendment of the ICAO Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Training (PANS-TRG, Doc). NITF met at the end of January to discuss the next steps in the light of this ICAO event.

The first Acquisition Excellence Workgroup (AEWG) meeting took place in December. This provided Members the opportunity to establish a list of priorities that highlight the importance of working in partnership, improving stakeholder management with regulators and the safety community, managing change during long lifecycle periods for technologies, and approaching cyber security via a holistic approach.

The Human Resources Workgroup (HRWG) will meet in Curacao in February to discuss air traffic control (ATC) training accreditation, employing people with disabilities, security, and health and safety.

The Performance-based Regulation on Remote Tower Task Force (PBR on RT TF), which will make recommendations on a performance-based regulatory approach, is open for Members to join. Please contact for more information.

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