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Sudan restructures airspace

12 July 2016

Sudan Civil Aviation Authority, SCAA, with the support of its French partners DSNA Services and CGX AERO, presented major proposals to restructure Sudan’s airspace including free route, direct and uni-directional routes and a strong civil-military commitment.

The project, managed by the DSNA Services and CGX AERO joint team with SCAA experts, presented the methodology and two drafts of scenarios for restructuring the Sudanese Airspace, taking account of the latest ICAO international and regional recommendations. With these proposals, more than 50 new RNAV routes including 30 direct and uni-directional routes could be implemented. Sudan could also become the first African country to implement the free route airspace concept. The expected benefits of this project could be savings of more than 500,000 tons of CO2 and US$ 100Million per year.

SCAA, DSNA Services and CGX AERO team have already organised different meetings with all airspace users and neighbouring civil aviation authorities and analysed historical and prospective data to identify enhancement to the Sudan airspace for the benefit of the whole region.

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