Taking on big data and digitisation in ATM

13 June 2018


Teri Bristol, Chief Operating Officer, FAA ATO, and CANSO Executive Committee Chair reviews CANSO Global ATM Summit and 22nd AGM

Hi everyone! This year's Global ATM Summit focused on two key areas that have become increasingly important in the last few years, namely digitization and big data. It's vitally important for ATM providers to think about how to take advantage of these trends. The amount of data being generated on a daily basis is incredible, and only continues to grow. As service providers, using this data will lead to better decisions, which will lead to improved services for our Customers.

We heard from Brendan Sobie of CAPA – Centre for Aviation, who used data to show how aviation is growing and should continue to grow at a very high rate globally. Mark Cooper of Deloitte and Martin Rolfe of NATS showed us how they've taken processes developed by McLaren, a manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, and applied them to ATM.

As with many things though, there are pitfalls to consider when taking advantage of digitization and data. Obviously, with so much data being generated, getting overloaded by the data is a real concern. It's critical to identify the data that is relevant to improving the ATM services that we provide, and not get bogged down by data that doesn't make a difference. It can also be helpful to collaborate with experienced consumers of big data in other industries. It's also critical that the people who interpret this data are open to the changes necessary because ultimately they may be influencing policy.

Of course when thinking about data, cybersecurity is critical. CANSO has published a Cybersecurity and Risk Assessment Guide, and is working with its members on raising the awareness of cybersecurity issues and best practice in data management in order to prepare for a more digitized, data-centric future.

CANSO's 22nd Annual Global Meeting (AGM) was held the day after the Summit. As always, the AGM gave CANSO Members the opportunity to discuss key membership issues using an open, democratic process. A highlight of the AGM was approval of the revised strategic direction, namely CANSO: Fit for the Future of ATM. The AGM is an important opportunity for members to consider the future of CANSO and the role it can play in transforming global ATM performance.

The AGM approved the election of Martin Rolfe as a Member at Large to the Executive Committee (ExCom). Martin replaces Morten Dambaek, who has retired. I was delighted to be re-elected as the Chair of Excom, as well as Rudy Kellar as Vice-Chair. The new ExCom is looking forward to working together and championing the wishes of the membership.

I encourage you to view the Summit and AGM materials online. If you could benefit from ASBU implementation training, please consider the workshop that CANSO will be delivering in association with MITRE on 13-17 August in Singapore. And don't forget the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2018 on 26-30 November in Banff, Canada.


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Teri Bristol Chief Operating Officer, FAA ATO

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