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Tanzania CAA optimises operations with automated billing

25 March 2015

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority has again chosen COMSOFT to assist with their goals for efficient and modernised air traffic services with the addition of COMSOFT's Aeronautical Billing (CAB) solution.

COMSOFT recently presented their latest automated solution at World ATM congress in Madrid and it was there that TCAA Director General Mr. Chacha chose to add CAB to their already extensive COMSOFT repertoire of solutions adding: "COMSOFT systems have redefined the way TCAA function and are helping us to achieve our goals for safer and more efficient air traffic services. Solutions that ease our efforts, reduce maintenance costs and improve the safety and overall flow of our operations are significant for the future of our safe services."

COMSOFT Aeronautical Billing (CAB) simplifies the difficult, and usually operator based billing process, for ANSPs and Airport operators. It is intuitive, user friendly and an essential and indispensable solution for all ATM or AODB systems. CAB's flexible interface accomplishes the most automated revenue retrieval and has been designed to directly interface with the EUROCONTROL Route Charging Office hosts, to guarantee an automated and smooth data exchange while minimising the number of time-consuming claims and entry adjustments.

By adding CAB, TCAA will further streamline their air operations by allowing the most automated and accurate revenue retrieval.



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