Thales completes installation of a centralised Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast system in Hong Kong

4 December 2014

In order to improve safety and operational efficiency of civil air traffic in the Hong-Kong Flight Region, the Civil Aviation department of Hong-Kong (CAD) selected Thales’s ADS-B to enhance its surveillance and ensure the monitoring of en-route ADS-B equipped aircraft and helicopters within Hong Kong's territories, including those flying at low altitude.

The innovative solution implemented by Thales, is designed around a Central Data Processor which fuses data not only from the network of 8 ADS-B ground stations but also from foreign stations. This architecture, combined with the high performance of the Thales stations and the processing units, allows far better performance and increased safety compared to traditional systems.   

The system received final acceptance by the Civil Aviation Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, after passing through stringent acceptance tests and flight checks. It also supports the ICAO's Regional Plan on ADS-B implementation in the Asia-Pacific region.

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