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Toronto Pearson International Airport deploys ERA’s vehicle tracking units SQUID for surface management

7 November 2014

Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada, has just announced the selection of Czech Republic based ERA a.s., the manufacturer of surveillance and flight tracking equipment worldwide, to supply 80 vehicle-mounted SQUID transmitters as its surface vehicle tracking system.  The contract was awarded to ERA after an international tendering process. SQUIDS by ERA are also in use at Montréal–Mirabel International Airport.

“The selection of ERA is the result of a tendering process. ERA claims compliancy with the requirements of the Request for Tender (RFT) and scored best on the defined evaluation criteria by Canadian authorities. Only the most highly-rated technologies can successfully compete in such a demanding local environment. ERA is pleased to add Canadian airports to its growing list of SQUID partners,” stated ERA Managing Director Viktor Sotona.

The ERA-designed SQUID self-contained vehicle tracking unit improves airport safety by continuously broadcasting the exact position of all ground vehicles, including tugs, de-icing equipment, and fire and rescue vehicles.  By using permanently mounted or portable ADS-B squitter beacon transmitters, SQUID minimises the risk of vehicle collisions, especially during low visibility conditions.

As an important part of every advanced surface movement guidance and control system (A-SMGCS), SQUID improves overall situational awareness. The trust placed in this particular ERA product is shown by the fact that SQUID installations predominate at some of the busiest airports around the world, including Copenhagen, Amsterdam Schiphol, Istanbul or Singapore.



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