WAM system for Narita International Airport in Tokyo fully operational

30 November 2015

ERA Company announced that its WAM system deployed for TMA of Narita International Airport in the Japanese capital of Tokyo had achieved fully operational status. The installation of the system fulfils all the specific demands required by the tendering process which ERA won in cooperation with the Japanese company Toshiba. Narita is the fourth ERA/Toshiba project in four years following the airport surface system in Osaka Itami, the Height Monitoring System (HMU) in Okayama and the MLAT system at Chūbu Centrair Airport in Nagoya.

The customer Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) chose their solution of multilateration systems in order to meet the challenge of the air traffic management in this airport, one of two major hubs serving the Tokyo area. The WAM system provides surveillance for TMA to an extent of 20 NM as well as working as precision runway monitoring tool for the airport's parallel runways.

Based on the client's requirements, each ground station is equipped with hardware designed for operations under difficult outdoor conditions which can withstand a wide range of temperature (minus 40 to plus 60 degrees Celsius) and possible vibrations and movements in this region threatened regularly by earthquakes.

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