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15 March 2018

Jeff Poole, Director General, CANSO, reflects on the biggest week of the year for ATM and what it means for the future of the industry.


CANSO welcomes members of the ATM industry at World ATM Congress 2018

In an industry that is growing and changing by the day, it is important that we take the time every so often to consider our progress, where we are going and how we are choosing to get there. CANSO ATM Week and World ATM Congress offer a unique opportunity to do this and, together with the industry's thought-leaders and innovators, to develop new ideas, concepts and agreements.

New entrants to airspace, new tools and technologies, innovative processes and procedures and collaborations are all influencing the way we manage airspace. We need to ensure that together we keep up with the pace of change in the ATM operating environment and continue to provide efficient, effective, safe and seamless airspace management.

Over the course of our week in Madrid, we built up real momentum by discussing the future of the ATM industry and CANSO at the CANSO CEO Strategy Summit 2018, exploring some of the key considerations of our rapidly changing skies at World ATM Congress 2018 and asking ourselves at the CANSO Global ATM Operations Conference what the ATM industry needs to do in order to prepare for the future. Working in partnership was a clear and consistent theme, whether that is in embracing new entrants, technologies and tools, developing new collaborations, implementing in the regions or sharing ideas and vision for the future

As the global voice of air traffic management, CANSO has created a strong network of industry key players and innovators worldwide. Through global initiatives and regional programmes, best practice guidance – such as the new CANSO Acquisition Excellence Manual and the AIM Quality Management Development Guidance Manual – and international events likes the ones we have organised last week, CANSO is working hard to support and facilitate positive changes to improve safety, efficiency and overall performance in the ATM industry and to help steer the course of change.

We do this by nurturing key relationships between CANSO Members and across the aviation industry. Such collaboration and cooperation is vital in tackling common challenges, embracing new technology and innovation, and delivering effective industry initiatives, bringing benefit to individual organisations and to the whole ATM community.

So whether your organisation is developing its role within a changing air navigation services market, or looking to better understand its customers, CANSO provides the platforms for the ATM community to come together to better integrate, innovate and collaborate on the key drivers of transformation. Together we can positively exploit the challenges and changes that we face to build a strong, secure future for ATM. After all, why would we not wish to be influencing our own destiny?

To find out more about CANSO and our global events and initiatives, visit www.canso.org. Material from CANSO ATM Week and be found here.



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