Why improvements in air traffic management safety cannot wait

31 October 2016

Safety is the aviation industry’s number one priority. Effective safety management is an important enabler for a safer, more efficient global airspace. As demand for air transport is predicted to double over the next two decades, we need to bolster a robust safety culture in ATM and to champion early adoption of the latest best practice and innovation.

With this in mind, the CANSO safety community is eagerly awaiting the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2016 on 6-11 November in Budapest, Hungary. Hosted by HungaroControl and supported by Aireon, the conference will bring together the greatest minds and key influencers in ATM safety to consider the latest challenges and opportunities for industry and to highlight how improvements can be made on a global scale.

The conference will feature speakers, panel discussions, speed poster sessions and a new market stall format which will allow delegates to circulate as ANSP representatives, EUROCONTROL and ICAO share how they monitor and analyse safety data.

Specific areas of focus include safety performance benchmarking, which allows us to analyse the causes of incidents; real-world examples of how the CANSO Standard of Excellence in SMS has been implemented; plans for implementing the new CANSO Standard of Excellence in Air Navigation Services – Safety (SEANS-Safety), which assesses the SMS maturity levels of ANSPs; the results of the recent SMS Maturity Assessment; how to improve an organisation’s safety culture and define and measure risk; proposals to develop a Human Performance Standard of Excellence; the latest developments in the Runway Safety Maturity Checklist; and the challenges associated with integrating new entrants such as drones into airspace.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to meet the leaders of the CANSO Safety Standing Committee and hear updates from the regions and safety workgroups as they provide an overview of recent initiatives.

In recognition of the excellent work already underway to improve ATM safety, we will reveal this year’s winners of the CANSO Safety Award. The successful recipient or team will have introduced, improved or made an important safety contribution which has reduced aviation risk in the previous 12 months. This may be a local, regional or global contribution and may encompass a process, procedure, technology or training improvement.

Will you be part of the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2016?

As we prepare to discuss and celebrate achievements in ATM safety, we invite you to participate, follow @CANSOevents and share your experiences using the hashtag #CANSOsafety2016.

Help us challenge, explore and innovate. Create a safer ATM future now.

About the author

Kimberly Pyle, Safety Programme Manager CANSO

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